Thank You For Your Support & Patience



This is Melvin, the founder of Euforia Singapore – the brand owner of DaBaoNow Singapore.


I’ll like to take this opportunity to say a few words.


Firstly, thank you for signing up with our partner Hayashi Takeshi, and your interest in helping to support the delivery for our platform DaBaoNow Singapore. Your help and work will benefit the food establishments in Singapore a lot, and ensure that they are able to survive this tough time. We hope as well to be able to help all of you and your families generate income for you to go through this period without any significant problems.


Secondly, I understand that there may be some issues and delays regarding the onboarding process with our delivery partner, Zeek. I would like to apologise for that, and seek your kind understanding and patience. While some things are beyond my control, we are working with Zeek to speed up the process. Together with Hayashi, we will be pushing out some solutions of our own to help complete the onboarding for all of you. Hayashi will contact you shortly to share more.


Lastly, we are in this for the long term, and not looking to pull out after the CB is over or the restricted measures are removed. Helping the food establishments maximize their revenue by not charging any fees, and keeping a good stream of orders so that we can provide you guys with steady income, is our mission and goal.


So I hope to continue to have your support, and if you have any questions and issues, or need help with anything, please feel free to contact Hayashi or me directly.


Best Regards,
Melvin Ho
Managing Director, Euforia Singapore