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Euforia Singapore Manages A Group Of Brands And Strategic Partnerships Encompassing Different Industries.

Food & Groceries Delivery

DaBaoNow Singapore

Everyone loves food. Unfortunately, not all food is created equal. Vital income is being taken away from food and grocery establishments. Why? Due to high payable commission fees to delivery platforms. An oversupply of delivery drivers has also resulted in a drop of income for these families. Market balance has to be achieved.


We created DaBaoNow Singapore to change the status quo and reinvent the way food is sold in the digital space. Our vision is to build an environment where food and grocery establishments are maximising their profits, delivery crew are paid their dues, and consumers have quick and easy access to a large variety of food and products.


We stand united with our food & grocery partners. Let us come together to support one another in our community.


Building A Sustainable Food Community

Business Engagement

Euforia X

Euforia X is a holistic solution for internal and external business communication.


We have broken down and redesigned Business Engagement functions in order to provide Companies, Freelancers, Non-Profit Organisations, and Individuals with enhanced capabilities for improved business engagement.


With our simple and user-friendly platform interface design that uses a modular format, we are able to provide a clean and easy user experience.


Through our platform, Corporate Social Responsibility is also made more accessible to companies of all levels, whether MNCs or SMEs.


Business Engagement Redesigned For Maximum Effectiveness

Business Consultancy

Euforia Consulting

With our experience in building our own social enterprise, as well as a background advising SMEs in a consultancy role in the past, we wanted to share our experience. Startups, Social Enterprises, and Small SMEs all face business issues and problems that we are familiar with. With little or no budget to get professional help. We’ve faced it ourselves. And took the bumps while resolving them in-house. Business Consultancy services like Branding and Web Development can be available at affordable prices. Our aim is to allow companies with small budgets be able to get the professional help that they greatly require to grow their businesses.


Business Growth On A Dime

Sustainable Horticulture


With an ever changing global environmental landscape, 4LIFE believes that providing or maintaining life through horticulture is how we can provide sustainability to the world. It also reflects our desire to create a better world for future generations.


The 4 Pillars of L.I.F.E forms the cornerstone of our commitment to sustainability and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs):

  • Learning: Impart and share sustainability-related knowledge with the society and younger generation.
  • Income: Provide sustainable income for low income families (people in poverty) and the disadvantaged.
  • Food: Use sustainable farming methods and technology to increase crop yield, and support organic and low carbon food production.
  • Environment: Minimise our impact on the environment by developing sustainable systems that reuse / reduce / recycle waste such as food and plastic.


Sustaining the World for Future Generations

Sustainable Wellbeing

Coco Veda

Euforia Singapore is Coco Veda’s Global Business Consultant, and acts as their sales and marketing partner in Singapore.


Coco Veda is a Philippines-based Social Enterprise incorporated in 2015, aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Blending Coconuts with Knowledge and Wisdom is their Ethos, the name Coco Veda is inspired by the Plant based Medicinal Science of Ayurveda. In four years, they have developed a proprietary range of 100+ Sustainable, Handmade, Natural, Organic & Halal Certified Coconut Based Products.


These Products are an output of the Kaizen Philosophy of Continuous Improvement which is ingrained in the Culture of their All-Women Operations Team in Manila.


Live Healthy . Live Well . Live Natural . Building Sustainable Impact

Online Marketplace

MyEuforia Singapore

At, we want our customers to enjoy a shopping experience like no other, where you can buy products you like, and also give back to society. This is part of our mission at MyEuforia Singapore, which is to enhance and improve the lives of the needy & disadvantaged by helping our Beneficiary Partners increase their Funding, Awareness and Volunteer levels. We hope that when you learn more about us, you can understand and share in our desire to help change the social landscape in Singapore.


Our Beneficiaries and their members are not alone, because they have us:


Individuals who can come together to facilitate change, and make this world a better place.


Shopping Just Became More Meaningful!

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